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Mandela Village

Projected Completed Date



Mandela Village, located in Chamwino, Tanzania, is home to 4,072 people with only open wells as a water source. Although the water is contaminated by animal waste, mud, frogs and poisonous snakes, the community uses it for daily consumption. As a result, hundreds of villagers suffer from water-borne illnesses such as typhoid (259), amoeba (184), stomach pains (406). Women and children walk long distances, multiple times a day, to collect water. Water is scarce as villagers wait up to an hour for water to replenish. Fetching water is dangerous as many women have suffered from poisonous snake bites. In April 2021 thanks to the generous support of Water4Mercy, the lives of those from Mandela Village changed forever when Innovation: Africa installed a solar-water pumping system. Access to clean water is revolutionizing Mandela Village; the daily risks of contracting waterborne diseases have been eliminated and members of the village are now seeing their health, hygiene and safety improve. The well-being and livelihood of people from Mandela Village have been forever transformed. 

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