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Water 4 Mercy provides the 'One-Two-Three Solution' to permanently end thirst, hunger and poverty in our world. With our innovative technologies and partners, we provide clean water, agriculture, and educational solutions.

Our Story

Seeing firsthand the desperate needs of the villagers when staying in Dodoma on her fourth visit to Tanzania in Africa, Nermine’s heart was forever changed. She saw people lacking the very basic human needs we take for granted - starting with a source of potable water. The people are not healthy and walk for hours to collect water that is often dirty or contaminated with life-threatening diseases.

Many hours are spent walking to find water in holes in the ground instead of schooling, studying, helping with the family and so much more. All of this time walking just to find poor quality water in limited supply. If water is not found, they drink the blood of animals to avoid dying of thirst.

Realizing that her past efforts over the years in providing funds for education, food, clothes, medical care, etc was a “band-Aid” solution, Nermine was determined to make a real impact. Prayerful discernment led to the realization that access to clean water is THE ANSWER to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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