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EWTN Interviews Susan Joy Bellavance, Co -Author of The Most Wonderful Rain

Ambassador Lotem Address at the Opening of the Water 4 Mercy Agricultural Innovation Centre in Embu

Testimonial for Water 4 Mercy’s optimal solution by Israeli Ambassador Michael Lotem (subtitled)


Why Should You Join Water 4 Mercy?

Deborah's Story - a life that now has HOPE with clean water!

Key Supporter & Donor Roger Rolfe's heartfelt words discussing Water 4 Mercy

Ambassador Joseph thanks Roger and Elliot for their gift of water to 4,072 Mandela Villagers

Huzi Villagers say thank you to Bishop Gregory Parkes for the gift of Water 

Turning on the water taps for the VERY FIRST TIME - EVER

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Dodoma students sing and dance in gratitude for AITeC.

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