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Agricultural Diplomacy

Abraham Accords Initiative for Agriculture & Water Solutions

The Abraham Accords signify a positive turning point in relations between Israel and Muslim-Arab countries. The Accords seek to normalize relations and develop diplomatic and economic ties between Israel and formerly hostile Arab countries. 

Agricultural Diplomacy seeks to share cutting-edge Israel knowledge, technology, and expertise in the agricultural and water sectors through partnerships between stakeholders in Israeli and Arab-Muslim countries. 


The initiative will establish a network of agricultural knowledge centers throughout the countries involved providing training and educational opportunities, promoting investments and business partnerships, support government programs and infrastructure development, and establish joint agricultural research and development programs. Agricultural diplomacy will strengthen the agricultural sectors in all countries and implement practical, desert-tested solutions to the challenges of water, food and nutritional security.

The Agricultural Diplomacy Initiative
will build bridges between the agricultural ecosystems of Israel and other Middle Eastern and North African countries for the sake of food security, political stability, economic growth, economic integration, and developing long lasting relationships.

The first stage of the program includes

  • Delegations to Israel introduce innovative and advanced agriculture and water sectors.

  • Delegations to Abraham Accords counties for partnership development. 

  • Collaboration in agriculture and water related research and education. 

  • Promotion of student exchange programs. 

  • A hands-on training program in Israel 

  • Developing funds for impact investment 


The second stage of the program includes 

  • Professional learning tours between countries. 

  • Partnerships between NGOs and educational institutions.

  • Establishment of agricultural innovation and technology centers in partnership countries.

  • Establishment of agri-innovation program. 

  • Abraham Impact Investment Fund to establish agricultural and water projects. 

  • Increase the participation of university students from Arab-Muslim countries In Israel programs and research collaborations. 

  • Private sector partnerships for scaling up solutions and technologies.

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Develop partnerships

Research and student / research exchange programs

Strengthen the agricultural expertise

Support national programs

Promote B2B

Improve pubic opinion of Israel



Experience sharing and study tours to Accord countries

Establishment of agricultural Innovation and Technology Centers — AlTeC Farms

Establishing Investment fund

Establish Agricultural Curriculums for AlTeC

Establish an Agricultural Innovation program

Preparatory program for university students



Establishment of partnerships

Exchange programs between agriculture  and water professionals

Multi-lateral investment in Agricultural Sectors

Research collaboration

Ensuring Food security in all countries involved

Promoting political stability

Economic integration

Agricultural Diplomacy Program

Internship for Moroccan University Graduates

In partnership with Moroccan universities, Water 4 Mercy’s Agricultural Diplomacy program is providing opportunities for Moroccan university graduates (‘interns’) to participate in an agronomist training program in Tanzania, Kenya and/or Ethiopia. The program is managed by technical partner CultivAid, an Israeli NGO which leverages world renowned agricultural techniques and Israeli technologies that improve nutrition, enhance crop yields, and increase farmer incomes, while also promoting economic development, fostering diplomatic relationships, and addressing climate change challenges.

The collaboration of Israeli and Moroccan agronomists in the field is an opportunity to support Water 4 Mercy’s development projects in East Africa’s developing countries. It extends beyond conventional internships, offering graduates from the Agronomy and Veterinary Institute in Agadir, Morocco the chance to participate in CultivAid’s agricultural development program. The program emphasizes cooperation between Israel and Morocco, peer interns working together at Water 4 Mercy’s agricultural projects to impact other parts of Africa.


Emphasizing Collaboration

The program places a strong emphasis on teamwork between agricultural professionals from Israel and Morocco. Recent graduates from Israeli and Moroccan universities will come together to work as a unified team to address local agricultural issues.

Positive Impact on Other Nations

The program's objective is not limited to benefiting only Israel and Morocco. It aims to showcase how the alliance between these two Abraham Accords nations can have a ripple effect, positively influencing other developing countries.

Establishing Networks

The program seeks to build and strengthen networks from a variety of professionals and experts from Israel and Morocco, alongside the local communities.

Enhancing Diplomatic and Economic Relations

The collaboration between Israel and Morocco on a professional level can have broader implications for stimulating diplomatic and economic relations.

Addressing Global Challenges

The program's focus on collaboration and positive impact targets a multitude of global challenges that require international cooperation.



Sponsor one Intern for 3 months


Feed 6 Interns for 6 months


Provide Inputs/Scale-up AITeC

Contact Info

Nermine Khouzam Rubin, MBA, MHS Founder & CEO, Water 4 Mercy, Inc.

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