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Harvest Celebration in Mapinduzi Village: Making an Impact

Thrilling News to Share!

Our agricultural extension project in Mapinduzi Village, Tanzania is flourishing, and it's all thanks to the incredible generosity of Peter and Paula. We are honored to update you on the remarkable progress we've made.

The First Season's Harvest

has commenced, bringing an abundance of flavors and opportunities to the villagers. From familiar crops like tomatoes, onions, and okra to exciting additions like cabbage and sweet pepper, the fields are brimming with vitality and promise.

This Momentous Harvest

holds deep significance for the community. Beyond the joy of savoring their homegrown produce, it symbolizes their inaugural venture into selling their crops and earning income from their hard work. The pride and enthusiasm among the villagers are immeasurable.

Belief in the Potential

of these communities has been a catalyst for success. We cannot emphasize enough the impact this has on Human Dignity. Our team empowers the villagers to enhance their farming practices and secure a sustainable livelihood.


May God bless Peter and Paula Vosotas for planting the seeds of HOPE.

innovation: africa | Bringing Israeli Innovation to African Villages

Peter and Paula,

we extend our heartfelt gratitude to your unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of Mapinduzi Village. Rest assured, we remain devoted to closely monitoring the project's progress and sharing regular updates with you. Your steadfast support remains the driving force behind the positive change we are creating in these communities.

Your generosity is inspiring, and together, we are transforming lives for future generations - one crop at a time.


Together, we are sowing the seeds of HOPE and reaping a HARVEST of lasting change.

Israel's Advanced and Innovative solutions provide


to grow nutritious 


to ultimately bring




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Sunday July 2 - Friday July 14, 2023
Daily Game Drives to Spot the
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Your Involvement Changes Lives!


Follow along with us

July 2-14th on our Social Media platforms during our Donor Insiders Experience.

Celebrate with 3229 Iyoyo Villagers 

as we turn on their water taps and they see clean water flow for the very first time.

We also will see thousands of animals on Safari during their Great Migration - the BEST time to visit Tanzania when the temperatures are 'Florida cool' during their winter time.

Your recurring $25 will save one life. Give the life-saving gift of water in honor of a friend or loved one TODAY!




Water 4 Mercy is a 501(c)3 non-profit 

organization that relies on your generous gifts to provide permanent and sustainable water and agricultural solutions for people who are dying of thirst and hunger in Africa.

Your donations

We are proud to say that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to our projects. This is because we have a generous donor who pays for our overhead expenses.

Over 47,000 lives now have Human Dignity 

and have been positively impacted with remotely monitored solar powered water systems and innovative agricultural projects! With our formidable team, together we developed a vocational training program AlTeC - The Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center - to share Israeli knowledge, teach innovative solutions and positively impact generations by ensuring water, food and nutritional security.

SPOILER ALERT! Children's book based on Deborah from Huzi Village: Click here to watch.

It is not what you take out of life, it is what you leave behind.

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