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Huzi Village

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Huzi Village is home to 4,323 people. It is remotely situated 89 kilometers away from the capital city of Tanzania in Chamwino District. The community’s access to water is extremely challenging, women spend many hours in search of water. Often, the community is forced to consume contaminated water that causes water-borne illnesses and chronic diarrhea. In August 2020, the lives of those from Huzi Village changed forever when Innovation: Africa, in partnership with Water 4 Mercy, installed a solar-water pumping system, bringing clean water to the entire community today, and for generations to come! Innovation: Africa constructed a water tower with a 10,000-liter water tank and 28 taps throughout the village. iA brought taps to the primary school, secondary school, and health center in Huzi Village. Today, with access to clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing as well as for the health center and students, hygiene and health is tremendously improving.

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