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Manzilanzi Village

Projected Completed Date



Manzilanzi Village, home to 1,895 people and remotely located in Chamwino, Tanzania. The entire community was living without access to clean water. Women and young girls walked 4.0km multiple times a day to collect water from a contaminated small open wells. The water source runs dry in the dry season, forcing the community to wait for hours or search for other water sources. Consuming the water from the existing water sources causes waterborne illnesses including amoeba. With the generous support from Water4Mercy, on September 30, 2022, Innovation: Africa installed a solar water pumping system in Manzilanzi Village, significantly improving the lives of Manzilanzi Village’s population. Children have returned to school to receive an education. Women are growing gardens, providing food security and cooking safely. Families are washing their hands, improving general sanitation and thus becoming healthier. We now see a community developing, growing and enjoying increased opportunity.

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