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Mapinduzi Village

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Mapinduzi Village, located 60 kilometers from Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania, is home to 4,257 people. Villagers have no access to clean water and rely on hand-dug wells as their only water source. Every day, women wake up at 3:00am and walk up to five kilometers in order to reach water. In the dry season, the water sources completely dry up and the women have no choice but to climb rocky and steep mountains for several hours to fetch water. The landscape is extremely dangerous and sadly, due to rock falls, women and children have died while on their way to collect water. Moreover, this water is extremely contaminated and unsafe for drinking; leading to many cases of stomach diseases, diarrhea, and typhoid. In November 2020, the lives of those from Mapinduzi Village changed forever when Innovation: Africa, in partnership with Peter & Paula Vosotas and Water 4 Mercy, installed a solar-water pumping system, bringing clean water to the entire community! Innovation: Africa constructed a water tower with a 10,000-liter water tank and 20 taps throughout the village, including one tap at the local primary school to ensure school children have access to safe water. Without the need to spend all day fetching water, women have more time to take care of their households and engage in income-generating activities. Moreover, the daily risks of contracting water-borne illnesses have been eliminated. Mapinduzi Village now has safe water, improving their health and hygiene for generations to come!

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