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Maseya Village

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Maseya Village is home to 3,758 people. It is remotely situated, 60 kilometers away from the capital city of Tanzania in the district of Chamwino. The community’s access to water is extremely challenging. Every day, women walk to a dry riverbed where they dig into the ground in search of water, women wait over 2 hours to fetch this water. In the dry season, the situation worsens as water becomes even more scarce. Women are then forced to walk over 5 kilometers in search of water. This water is extremely contaminated as it is shared with cattle and, as a result, water-borne illnesses are prevalent within the community. Many people suffer from stomach diseases, diarrhea, and typhoid. In November 2020, this difficult situation came to an end when Innovation: Africa, in partnership with Water 4 Mercy, installed a solar water-pumping system at Maseya Village. A 10,000-liter water tank was raised and connected to 22 taps that are distributed throughout the village. A tap was also brought to the local primary school, ensuring that the 475 students have access to safe drinking water while at school. With access to clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing, the community’s health and hygiene is tremendously improving.

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