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Mwinyi Village

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Mwinyi Village is located in Chamwino District, 50 kilometers away from Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania. It is home to 5,000 people who used to rely completely on natural wells for their daily water consumption. During the rainy season, women and children walk up to ten kilometers daily to fill their jerry-cans with water. In the dry season, the situation becomes more severe, at times, finding water can take one full day. The water sources used are contaminated, being shared with livestock and causing illnesses including Cholera and diarrhea. In April 2019, Innovation: Africa in partnership with Water 4 Mercy, installed a solar water pumping system a Mwiyni Village. In a remarkable donor trip, the taps were officially turned on. For the first time, water ran throughout the village. iA established a water tower with a 10,000-liter water tank and 16 taps distributed throughout the village, the community and two surrounding villages, totaling 5,000 people, now have access to safe water. As a result, people are no longer sick, they are able to wash their hands and drink clean water. Student’s school attendance has greatly increased, people have built brick homes, and established gardens. In December 2019, in a trip with Nermine Khouzam Rubin, Founder & CEO of Water 4 Mercy and CultivAid, iA and Water 4 Mercy installed Drip Irrigation at Mwiyni Village using the solar water pumping system. There has been an improved standard of living and economic situation with the community members selling bricks and even opening a restaurant. Today, the people of Mwinyi Village are living healthier lives.

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