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Ndebwe Village

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Ndebwe Village, located 51 kilometers from Dodoma, is home to 4,600 people. This community relies on local natural wells as their only source of water. During the rainy season, the women and children spend up to two hours waiting in line to fill their jerry cans with water. Moreover, the community members are consuming this water knowing that it is causing stomach diseases. In the dry season, the wells run dry, forcing the women and children to go in search of water. In April 2019, Innovation: Africa in partnership with Water 4 Mercy, installed a solar water pumping system. And, on April 19th, the taps were officially opened in the presence of the Water 4 Mercy donors as they witnessed water flow throughout the village! To meet the needs of the large population, 38 taps were built throughout Ndebwe Village. Since this time, brick homes have been built, gardens have been established, children are attending school, and women are no longer spending time in search of water. The health and hygiene of 4,600 people has been transformed since gaining access to clean water.

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