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Water 4 Mercy helps break that cycle by providing clean water, agricultural technologies and modernized educational solutions to remote African villages. With easy and consistent access to clean water, villagers can focus on building a thriving community rather than spending every day searching for enough water to just survive. With lifesaving water, the community can grow good food, children can attend school and study, and a myriad of new commerce opportunities become available. Consistently flowing clean water transforms every community where a modern water system is installed, and rather than needing repeated help, these communities can take responsibility for for themselves, with dignity and great enthusiasm.


With our Israeli NGO contractor Innovation: Africa we provide advanced solar-powered water systems and install real-time remote monitoring units. This ensures that each of our projects is 100% successful. These systems pump over 20,000 liters of clean, life-giving water per day per village! The cost to provide a solar water system and pump clean water to a village is $65,000.


Once water is flowing, drip irrigation is installed. With less water, this innovative technique empowers farmers to grow more nutritious food in greater quantities to help sustainably keep families fed and overcome malnutrition. Also, using the expertise of agronomists CultivAid, an Israeli NGO, smart farming systems are introduced, along with extensive training for the locals. The agricultural advancements improve food security and provide opportunities for economic advancements The cost to provide drip irrigation begins at $30,000.


AlTeC, our Agricultural Innovation and Technology Centers, are implemented within Don Bosco Technical Institutes of Africa and are truly TIKKUN OLAM - Repairing the World - TOGETHER! We are providing a unique hands- on curriculum in agriculture by sharing Israel's advanced knowledge and raising up future teachers and growers. We are teaching the teachers to teach so they bring their knowledge back, building the agricultural capacity of the region, for generations to come. The cost of an AlTeC site begins at $250,000.

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