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Visiting The Huzi Village

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Our local team of field officers had the pleasure of visiting Huzi Village and are delighted to confirm that the water systems are operating successfully, providing clean water to thousands of inhabitants. These community members no longer carry the burden of walking dangerous paths in search of open sources and crucially, are no longer suffering from water-related illnesses.

Elizabeth Mungina, 46 year old mother of 6 children expresses her gratitude below:

"Thanks to the clean water provided through this project, my life has become easier. Previously, my children used to suffer from waterborne diseases as a result of drinking water collected from the open water source. As a result, I spent a lot of time every month taking my children to the hospital. Now, with access to clean, safe water and a tap just a few meters from my home, my children no longer get sick and I have been able to construct a new home for my family. This is all thanks to this special gift that you have given our community!"

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