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We started with a simple plan

to drills wells with the Water 4 Mercy team and provide clean water to one african village at a time. Simple enough, right? We thought we were simple providing a sustainable clean source of drinking water. Our group imagining what life would be life here in the west without drinking water was excited to get started!

" How revolutionary it would be for these villagers to get water from a tap, rather then a hole in the ground!" We all thought.

Aware that by implementing a well, we would free up a great deal of time for the villagers and provide an all around more comfortable life for them. A life free from stress and worry about the scarcity of a basic -- and I mean basic resource -- WATER.
But what happened next was the real village revolution.

Did you know that nearly half

of the village's inhabitants go on daily treks to gather water that take up to 8 hours per day? And that does not include the long waiting time at the well. Now with a well installed and water on tap, the villagers have a heck of a lot of new found time on their hands.

"I feel pretty"

The women said they feel beautiful now. They can clean themselves and their dignity has been restored. We never expected that!

We thought we were giving a simple well, but the true gifts were priceless:

Dignity, Education, Jobs, Food and Beauty!

Seeing the transformation before our own eyes, it was hard to hold back the tears. Who would have thought?

Time to educate themselves, some becoming farmers.

After all, the essential ingredients of a farm are knowledge, time and water. Then there’s the women, now no longer obligated to trek for water, they began to spend more time caring for themselves. They had water and time to bathe more frequently, washing their faces and their bodies as often as they liked! Which resulted in the most amazing transformation of the villages that
we never expected.

I mean seriously...

We came in with a drill rig to implement a well and we provided a whole new way of life for the people of these humble African villages.

We are so grateful

to have the privilege of providing a basic resource and even more greateful to have provided the intangible.

Video of Donor Insider Experience - "Come and See"

Detailed Itinerary on




Travel with Purpose and Pleasure on a Once In A Lifetime Trip !


Sunday july 2 - Friday july 14, 2023


Arrive & Depart to Kilimanjaro Int'1 Airport (JRO) Tanzania 


$7500 per person 

$500.00 deposit 

*airfare not inclided

Limited to 16 participants


Your Involvement Changes Lives


  • Three nights in Arusha, Tanzania

  • Flight to Serengeti; 4 day Safari Adventure

  • Five nights in Dodoma, TZ; Behind-The-Scence with Water 4 Mercy team

  • Contribution towards the lyoyo Village's  Permanent Water System

  • Celebrate Turning on the water Taps for the First Time 

Daily Game Drives to Spot the 'Big 5'

Click here for All-inclusive Land Itinerary - Airfare not included

Did you know that July is OPTIMAL to visit Tanzania?

Temperatures are cooler (it's their winter) and you will see thousands of animals during the Great Migration!

Celebrate with 3229 lyoyo Villagers as we turn on their Water Taps for the very first time.

The unintended consequences of providing water truly shocked us!

Clean water provides a future of hope 

A generous donor

pays for our overhead expenses so that 100% of your donations support our projects.

Water 4 Mercy is a 501(c)3 non-profit

organization that relies on your generous gifts to provide permanent and sustainable water and agricultural solutions for people who are dying of thirst and hunger in Africa.

Over 43,000 lives

have been saved and positively impacted with remotely monitored solar powered water and drip irrigation systems! With our formidable team, we developed a vocational training program AlTeC {Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center} - to share Israeli knowledge, teach innovative solutions and positively impact generations by ensuring food and nutritional security.

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