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Providing Water, Food, and HOPE to Remote African villages.

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Lives Impacted



The Crisis

We are proud to say that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to our projects. This is because we have a generous donor who pays for our overhead expenses.

In some regions of Africa, people are lacking the very basic human needs we take for granted. Many hours are spent walking to find water in holes in the ground instead of schooling, studying, helping with the family and so much more. All of this time walking just to find poor quality water in limited supply. If water is not found, they drink the blood of animals to avoid dying of thirst.

You Can Help Them!

Our Solutions



Innovation: In Africa, we are implementing solar-powered water systems. To involve the villages in every step of the project, we created a local solar water committee for community ownership of the project. We then install a real-time monitoring system to understand how much water and energy are being utilized.


Being good stewards of their water, we then bring sustainable farming solutions to our villages with drip irrigation. This allows villages to grow more food with less water. With the expertise of our world-renowned agronomists CultivAid, smart farming systems, hybrid seeds and fertilizers are provided, along with extensive training to ensure the locals are thriving with their learned farming skills.



AITeC is Water 4 Mercy's Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center, built to transfer knowledge to students, teachers, farmers, extension agents, and local communities. AITeC teaches and shares the technologies and methodologies that we are implementing across our villages. Our AITeCs are incorporated within the world renowned premier teaching institution, Don Bosco Technical Institutes of Africa.


Are You Ready To Make Your Impact?

Help Water 4 Mercy bring water, food, and HOPE to these villages

The Most Wonderful Rain

"The Most Wonderful Rain" is a captivating story written by Nermine Khouzam Rubin and Susan Joy Bellavance. The story revolves around Deborah, a young girl who lives in a Tanzanian village. Although she dreams of becoming a doctor, her education is hindered due to the lack of access to clean water in her community. When a non-profit organization promises to bring water to her village, Deborah wonders if this could be her opportunity to return to school.

Through their book, authors Nermine Khouzam Rubin and Susan Joy Bellavance shed light on the life-changing impact of Water 4 Mercy in communities and the transformative power of clean water in eradicating global poverty.

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