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Join Us in Honoring Jeff Mears: Empower Mugu Village with Sustainable Agriculture

Jeff Mears - Mugu Village Seeds of Hope Fundraiser

As a valued supporter of our mission to bring hope and sustenance to communities in need, we wanted to share an inspiring opportunity with you.

The life of Jeff Mears was tragically cut short in January after many months of trying to recover from a major heart attack.

His legacy, a compassionate soul dedicated to making a difference, lives on through the Seeds of Hope Fundraiser for Mugu Village. Jeff's vision, sparked by his own transformative journey in Africa, continues to ignite change, one village at a time.


Your donation today holds the power to transform lives. With just $16 per villager, you can provide sustainable agriculture for 2,190 Mugu villagers and their families. Your generosity is truly priceless, as it not only nourishes bodies but also nurtures hope for a brighter, sustainable future.

Jeff's passion for serving others was unparalleled. Witnessing firsthand the impact of clean water access on Mugu Village, he understood the profound significance of addressing both immediate needs and long-term solutions. Now, we embark on the next chapter of Jeff's journey - bringing agricultural prosperity to Mugu.


By supporting our fundraiser, you're not only honoring Jeff's memory but also standing in solidarity with the resilient communities of Mugu. Together, let's sow the seeds of change and cultivate a future filled with promise and possibility.

To kickstart this programmatic phase, our goal is to raise $35,000 over the next three months. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference.

Water 4 Mercy is a 501(c)3 non-profit

organization that relies on your generous gifts to provide permanent and sustainable water and agricultural solutions for people who are dying of thirst and hunger in Africa.

We are proud to say that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to our projects. This is because we have a generous donor who pays for our overhead expenses.


It is not what you take out of life, it is what you leave behind.

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