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Wincate Kariuki one of our agronomists in Embu regarding her: INVITE TO VISIT SPAIN

Hello Nermin.

I hope this finds you well.


Last month through DBDON (Donbosco Development Outreach Network)  as an agronomist at Cultivaid Kenya, Seed4Africa invited me to join some online interactive sessions regarding climate change; it causes mitigation and adaptation in relation to livestock and agriculture production. 

I have hence been invited to visit Spain for 5 days (not including travel days)  together with 3 more DBDON staff in the month of March.


I Believe this will be a learning experience in the field of agriculture and will in turn be beneficial not only to me  as a person but to the farm and the community as a whole.


Yours sincerely


(aitec-farm Embu)

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