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Ndebwe Village, Tanzania.

Updated: Feb 21

Our local team in Tanzania had the privilege of visiting Ndebwe village and confirmed that the water system is operating well, providing daily access to clean water to the 5,459 community members.

Your support continues to impact this community and has certainly transformed their lives for the better, drastically improving their health and well being and significantly eradicating all waterborne diseases such as dysentery and typhoid. Women are safer and able to spend time caring for their families whilst children are now able to attend school as they are no longer required to spend hours each day, in search of clean water.

With access to clean water, community members have been able to establish agricultural initiatives and are starting to build brick homes, keeping their families healthier and safer and this is all thanks to you!  

Matilda Hussein, a 44 year old mother of 6 children (featured below), shares how this project has impacted her life:

"I recently opened up a restaurant at the center of the village. Due to the access to clean water my restaurant is thriving and I am able to use this water for cooking, cleaning utensils and ensuring good hygiene for both myself and my customers. Before this project, my days were consumed with the task of fetching water and I had to walk 7 kilometers to the neighboring village, where a hand-dug well was the only source of water. I would visit the well frequently throughout the day to ensure that I had enough water for my family and the dream of running a restaurant seemed unattainable. Now, I have more time to focus on my business and I am able to make an income which supports my family in particular, allowing me to buy essential school items for my children."

I have included below some photos from this project which I hope will bring you immense pride and joy and we look forward to sharing further updates with you again soon. You can continue to monitor this project using the link here.

Warm regards and thank you once again for your support and partnership,

Matilda and the Tanzania Team.

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