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Testimonials From Villagers

Dear Nermine and the Water 4 Mercy Team,

I hope you are well. It is my pleasure to share these heartwarming updates from your projects in Tanzania. Our local team of engineers and field officers had the pleasure of visiting Mapinduzi, Maseya and Mugu villages in Tanzania and are delighted to confirm that all the water systems you so generously gifted the communities are successfully operating, providing clean water to thousands of inhabitants. With access to safe and clean water, the communities are thriving and the women and children, predominantly responsible for collecting water, are safer, healthier and have regained precious time which they can now use for studying and/or caring for their families. Throughout their visit, our field officers noted significant and transformative impacts across these communities and I wanted to highlight these three special community members who wished to share how your support has impacted their lives. Catherine Mjuba, a 42 year old mother of 6 children from Mapinduzi village, Tanzania shares: "Thanks to this wonderful project my life has drastically improved. Before the water project in our village, I struggled to provide for my growing family, relying solely on seasonal rainfall to cultivate my small inherited land. My dream of becoming an agricultural economist faded when I couldn't continue my education due to frequent typhoid-related hospital visits. Fortunately, this project helped me pursue my dreams. I am now a successful gardener and have grown various vegetables for both family consumption and sale. I no longer depend on rainfall to grow crops, as the consistent water supply allows me to farm vegetables year-round!"

Maria Nyerere, a 67 year old mother of 7 children from Maseya village, Tanzania shares: "Before the water project, the women in our village faced several challenges fetching water. We would spend most of our day searching for water, leaving little time for economic activities. We relied on our husbands, often enduring mistreatment. However, after the water project's installation, things changed. The introduction of drip irrigation allowed us to gain valuable knowledge on how to efficiently use the available water for vegetable farming. This not only provided us with a source of income but also helped us become self-reliant, allowing us to care for our families."

Priscilla Meshack, a 56 year old mother of 8 children from Mugu village, Tanzania shares: "The presence of clean and safe water in our village has meant that I can now grow tomatoes on my farm and sell them not only to local villagers but also to customers from the town, who resell the tomatoes in the town market. I have used the income from my tomato farm to construct a modern house, send my children to boarding school, and even purchase another piece of land. Thank you for this gift, I am truly grateful!" These testimonies will provide you with an insight into how impactful your support and generosity have been for these communities and on their behalf, I wish to thank you for your kindness! You can continue to monitor all your wonderful projects using this link here. I have included additional photos from these projects and we look forward to sharing further updates with you again soon.

Warm regards, Matilda and the Tanzania team

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